Waiting for the movie to start
has never been this exciting.

Interactive Entertainment

Engage and empower your audience.

From attracting new advertisers to increasing concessions sales, TimePlay transforms not only the pre-show theatre experience but the theatre business as well.


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Choose from a multitude of interactive products.

Pre Show

An interactive pre-show is an engaging pre-show. From entertainment, sponsorship, advertisements and trailers there are many compelling ways to use TimePlay in your pre-show.


Gaming is a global phenomenon. TimePlay can help you get your slice of the action. Create the ultimate social gaming experience in your cinema between moviegoers, auditoriums or even cities. Add gaming before or after the movie, as a stand alone event or in conjunction with esports.


Interactive trailers provide a new level of engagement through audience particiaption. Studios can strengthen their message and connection to the consumer creating more memorable and motivating trailers.

Meetings & Events

Add interactive to the power of your big screen. Combine the energy of a live event with user empowerment and participation to maximize meeting engagement and effectiveness.


Engage your patrons as soon as they enter the theater. Use your lobby screens for interactive experiences to up the entertainment value before the audience is in their seats.



Smart rewards, allow information, offers, and click-throughs to be sent directly to player devices based on your defined demographic or profile parameters. This can range from coupons, sign ups, calendar bookings, videos, information, websites and e-commerce. Push notifications provide alerts for rewards and participants can also share through their social channels. TimePlay’s average activation rate across all campaigns is 35% compared to the global average of 3%.


TimePlay provides user-friendly web tools for exhibitors and their partners to develop their own content, playlists and MyStuff offers. Content and MyStuff offers can be targeted by demographic, consumer profile or film title to increase relevance.

Engagement opens the door to increased revenues

Drive earlier and more frequent attendance, loyalty sign ups, higher CPM’s. 95% come early for TimePlay and 93% play again.

Do more with your theater. Attract new audiences and create new new revenues with interactive meetings and events, birthdays and after school programs.

Gain valuable insight about your consumer. TimePlay records every button press to build out consumer profiles–in addition to demographics, participation and activation rates we also provide preferences and behavior.

Interactive programming motivates earlier attendance leading to higher concession sales. You can also utilize TimePlay’s MyStuff feature to deliver offers to drive incremental purchases.

Interactive is premium media. You can charge a higher rate card for increased consumer engagament and involvement. Use interactive as a tool to attract new advertisers.


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“Waiting for the movie to start has never been more entertaining or engaging. The new TimePlay technology is also part of our companies strategy to increase alternative content revenues, while at the same time, enhancing the movie-going experience for our guests.”

– David Passman, President and CEO, Carmike Cinemas

“TimePlay is all about interacting “Live” with the big screen. It enhances the audience’s anticipation of the movie they’ve come to see while giving them big screen control from their seats. The social engagement is contagious! Regardless of your age! Patrons are excited and arriving earlier for some pre-movie fun”

Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex Entertainment

“The alliance between Bow Tie Cinemas and TimePlay is an indication of both companies’ commitment to keeping the theatre-going experience fresh, exciting and cutting edge. Family owned and dedicated to service for 115 years, Bow Tie Cinemas has always offered a premium experience to its customers, and we are pleased and excited that TimePlay will now be a part of that offering.”

– Ben Moss, CEO, Bow Tie Cinemas

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