Interactive Engagement that
Makes a Lasting Connection.

Turn downtime into uptime.

Engage the crowd before game time and during breaks. Attract new advertisers, increase concession sales and deliver active participation in a mass experience.

TimePlay Sports offers several different options and features:


Run segments of interactive games such as trivia, arcade type games or fantasy pools with running leaderboards before the game, during intermissions or commercial break.

Interactive Ads

Increase media inventory and selling scope with premium interactive ad options. Brands can sponsor existing game templates or create an entirely new experience. And unlike current in-venue sports promotions, everyone can participate.

Call to action / MyStuff

Send rewards, offers, and click-throughs directly to player devices based on your defined demographic or profile parameters. This can range from coupons, sign ups, calendar bookings, videos, information, websites and e-commerce. Push notifications provide alerts for rewards and participants can also share through their social channels.

The Benefits

Increased revenues:

TimePlay delivers increased revenues through product sales and media rates.

Increase app downloads

Utilize offers and rewards to drive the crowds to download your app

Increased concession sales

Use prizing delivered in the experience to send concession offers and promotions

Increased loyalty

TimePlay has proven to increase loyalty by driving higher visit frequency as well as earlier attendance.  This leads to increased CPM rates and concession sales.

Drive E-commerce

Send offers during the experience for licensed merchandise, advanced ticket sales and more.

Valuable Data

Receive and leverage valuable incremental data

Latest Engagement

If you want your venue to make more relevant and lasting connections with consumers then let TimePlay make it happen today.

Latest News

Get the latest news, updates and information as TimePlay’s interactive entertainment spreads across the globe.