Interactive engagement that
makes a lasting connection.

Interactive Entertainment

Interactive drives engagement.

TimePlay is a proven engagement platform that pulls consumers to actively participate with your brand through real 2-way interactive.

There are multiple ways your brand can create impactful and memorable campaigns.

Synced media

Run your existing commercial and add a mobile component by sending messages or images at key points in the execution. While your ad is playing for the entire audience you can target individual consumers with messaging, offers, call to action and enhanced experiences in real time at the climax of your execution.

Interactive storytelling

Gather real time insights and share them with the audience to strengthen your message, Create your own adventure or have the audience decide what story your brand should tell. Interactive storytelling has a high impact through consumer involvement and empowerment, creating an authentic and memorable experience.


Transform player devices into a multitude of game controllers. Constructs are limitless and your brand can create an experience revolving around its proposition or sponsor and existing game from several templates. User empowerment, competition and incentive to appear on the big screen leader board create a unique and social and memorable experience. Your brand is truly the hero.

Call to action / MyStuff

Send rewards, offers, and click-throughs directly to player devices based on your defined demographic or profile parameters. This can range from coupons, sign ups, calendar bookings, videos, information, websites and e-commerce. Push notifications provide alerts for rewards and participants can also share through their social channels. This takes your campaign further by driving the path to purchase as well as the ability to track ROI. Winning a reward increases awareness and percieved value, leading to a higher activiation rate. In fact, TimePlays average activation rate across all campaigns is 35% compared to the global average of 3%.


TimePlay records every data press to build out consumer profiles. In addition to demographics, participation and activation rates we also provide consumer insights, preferences and behavior. Go further with your execution.



Audience reactions to TimePlay interactive campaigns has been incredible. 95% of TimePlay users attend movies early to participate and 93% are likely to play again. Interactive ads generate over 40% awareness and 30% entertainment value increases versus linear executions.

TimePlay Advertisers

Make a lasting connection

TimePlay has proven it’s a great choice for advertisers to offer meaningful and immersive experiences.

If you want your brand to make more relevant and lasting connections with consumers then contact TimePlay to make it happen today.

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