Film Journal Reports on Cineplex’s Interactive Pre-Show Using the TimePlay App

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Big-screen buy-in: At Cineplex Media and NCM Networks, more play and turbo speed boost cinema advertising’s appeal April 21, 2014 -By Andreas Fuchs As evidenced by our section lead-in conversation with the head of the Cinema Advertising Council, it has been another banner year for advertising on and around the big screen. In addition to [...]

Edmonton Journal Reports on TimePlay Bringing Interactive to Edmonton

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Moviegoers urged to play with their phones ... until the show starts  TimePlay brings interactive games to Edmonton Cineplex screens EDMONTON - Edmonton moviegoers will soon have a new way to kill time before the show starts — a smartphone app that lets them engage with advertising on the big screen. Within the next few [...]

Mobile Syrup Writes about TimePlay Boasting Four Million Plays

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TimePlay’s Cineplex deal expands nationwide, boasts four million plays in two years Toronto-based TimePlay has expanded its collaboration with Canada’s largest cinema and entertainment company, Cineplex, to 725 theatres across all 10 provinces. Since 2011, the company has been piloting its interactive advertising platform in Toronto and Vancouver, increasing from just over 100 screens to, [...]

Tech Vibes Covers TimePlay to Expand into 700+ Theatres

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Cineplex Expanding TimePlay to More Than 700 Auditoriums Across Canada Posted by Techvibes Newsdesk on Mar 27, 2014 Currently, most Canadians haven't heard of TimePlay. That may soon change. TimePlay, an interactive pre-movie game that plays on theatre screens during Cineplex preshows, only plays at a select few venues in major cities. But Cineplex revealed this week [...]

Mobile Commerce Daily Covers TimePlay to Hit 725 Theatres

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Cineplex is expanding an in-theater mobile program enabling moviegoers to interact in real-time with content on the big screen and receive special offers from advertisers such as Pizza Pizza and Mazda. The TimePlay program was initially tested at Toronto theaters beginning in 2011 and was then rolled out to 231 auditoriums in 2012. With between [...]

Marketing Magazine Covers TimePlay’s International Expansion

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TimePlay, Cineplex‘ interactive app-based film trivia game, is eyeing countrywide domination. After a successful run in 20 Toronto and Vancouver theatres, Cineplex will expand the program to 725 movie screens across all 10 Canadian provinces, it announced Tuesday. Since January 2012, the TimePlay app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times on iOS, Android and [...]

Globe and Mail Covers Cineplex Expansion with TimePlay

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Since the advent of mobile phones, movie theatres have mostly spent their energy convincing customers to turn off those disruptive devices. But Cineplex Inc. is actually encouraging its visitors to use their phones – at least, until the movie starts. It’s all in the service of advertising. On Tuesday, the cinema chain will announce the [...]

Media in Canada Writes Up on Real Sports Bar adding TimePlay

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Media in Canada Writes Up on Real Sports Bar adding TimePlay

Restaurant Central Covers Real Sports Bar bringing TimePlay to its guests

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Marketing Magazine Covers TimePlay and Gamification

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